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Savor every last spoon with 777 stews in less than 2 minutes cooked with remarkable combination of extraordinary ingredients. Microwave Ease - No Added Preseratives
Rice Dishes
Long grain rice perfectly balanced with all natural herbs and seasonings with your choice of veal, chicken, soya or just plain. Microwave Ease - No Added Preseratives
They're big on flavor! From classic mashed eggplants to traditional baked beans, they are the bestway to start a meal, and being so versatile, they can be the actual meal itself . Microwave Ease - No Added Preseratives
777 soups are famous for mouth - watering flavors made of delicious ingredients, bringing a smile to you with every spoonful. Microwave Ease - No Added Preseratives
777 marinated kebabs, a perfect reason to bring the family together for a weekend barbeque.
Guaranteed mouth-watering and juicy burgers made from prime beef, freshly chopped onion and a subtle blend of spices.
Cutlets & Patties
Home style cutlets and patties done right. Perfect for all occasions and festivities hot or cold.
Breaded Products
With a tender center and crispy breading, 777 breaded chicken varieties are sure to please everyone. Enjoy them for lunch, dinner or snack.
Frozen Pizza & Crusts
Brace yourself for medley of flavors and delight your taste buds with mouth-watering combinations you'll want to have over and over.
Choose from many 777 salads with vibrant variety of flavors and ingredients complimented with 777 special dressings.
Discover a wide selection of club or baguette sandwiches with inspiring recipes that will satisfy the most demanding taste buds.
 Dressings & Sauces
High in flavor and blended to perfection. Add a taste of authentic, homemade flavor to any salad, sandwich or meal.
Canned Vegetables
Enjoy the farm fresh taste of 777 canned vegetables with many varieties to choose from.